CAD675.00 each


Venza incorporates a newly designed Gas Pressure Control System (known as GPCS) as wee as barrel moving system to providethe perfect combination of performance and dynamic appearance. This new system uses larger gas release valves that allow gas to escape faster when firing heavy shot loads Once fired with heavy load cartridge, the barrel moves backward and at the same time gives the first movement to the bolt.

This movement also opens the gas valves to exhaust extra gas pressure from the for end side vents and for end cap holes. In this way there coil is reduced and the stability of the gun is controlled by avoiding the muzzle jump. This feature also increases the accuracy in serial shots to one or more targets.

VENZA give us a feeling of shooting like a light load cartridge even with the heavy loads. Also, in conjunction with the use of smaller diameter gas feed ports, muzzle jump is also reduced. This gives added stability that enables any subsequent shots to be more accurately taken. Briefly explained, the special design features of Venza's GPCS (Gas Pressure Control System) combine to guarantee perfect stability and extra control when firing your shotgun. This means you can take your best shots at the target with Venza. Less felt recoil means Less Muzzle Jump, so you have the advantage of being able to take serial shots, at more than one target, or follow-up shots at a single target.

Venza comes with special Grade 2 Turkish walnut with a matt finish. Fonex, camo and carbon options are available too.

  • GAUGE: 12
  • CHAMBER: 76 mm - 3"
  • BARREL: 61 cm - 24", 66 cm - 26", 71 cm - 28", 76 cm - 30"
  • CHOKE: F, IM, M, IC, SK
  • WEIGHT: 3,3 kg
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